About Us

Our Heart, Our History, and Who we Are.

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About Us

Our Heart, Our History, and Who we Are.

Our Heart

At Vineyard Metrowest Church, we believe in the motto “it’s all about love” because our spiritual lives begin with the love of God. We discover our deepest purpose in life when we live for God and for others.

As you spend time with us, we hope you will see our heart for the Boston Metrowest area through our hunger for the Word, our love of the Spirit, our dedication to the poor, seeing our love for Jesus shown through our passion and gifting for worship along with our openness to all nations. We seek to show the Metrowest area that it’s “all about love.” The love that we receive from God, given to us through Jesus Christ in us by His Holy Spirit, and what we give away to others. We hope to embrace all the Lord has for us by walking in His fullness together.

Our History

The Vineyard Movement was started in the 1970s in Anaheim, CA. Today there is a network of over 2400 churches in 95 countries that are committed to seeing each generation reached by the power of the Gospel. With a view to embrace integrity in Christian character along with the activity of the Holy Spirit, each Vineyard church seeks to be an outpost of God’s compassionate love in a broken world.

At the Vineyard Metrowest, we’re all about community. Since our establishment in 1984 by Ken and Joannie Gulliksen as the first Vineyard church in the northeast, we have been about creating a close knit family that has strength in outreach.

Toward the end of 2016, elders from the Charles River Vineyard of Natick and the International Vineyard of Framingham began meeting to discuss our our individual missions and callings. After months of prayer and meeting together, it became clear to the leaders of both bodies that God was calling us together, as one church. Separately, our vision was the same, our mission was the same, our calling was the same. So on Easter Sunday 2017, the 2 churches became one church called the Vineyard Metrowest Church.

We are currently located in Framingham Massachusetts, about 20 miles west of Boston. Click here to find out more about Framingham or here to find out more about Natick, just east of us.

Statement Of Faith

Framingham State University Chapel

Sunday Services @ 10 AM
42 Maynard Road, Framingham State University, Framingham, MA 01701


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